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Peripheral neuropath¡­
First, have a child with, put it in a can relieve stiffness or abnormal postural...

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Peripheral neuropathy clinical understanding of im
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First, have a child with, put it in a can relieve stiffness or abnormal postural movement. Hold the limbs, back and forth gently pulling limbs slowly and gradually increase joint range of motion. Note to be very slow, very gently stretch, do not let the children have any pain and fear.

Such as pulling the ankle, knee and should be lifted from the lateral heel, instep flexor activity slowly doing to protect the ankle, heel when pulling tend not to let one side.

Some muscles spanning two joints. Such as the gastrocnemius across the knee and ankle joints. If the calf is too tight, pulling a joint will cause another stiff joints, the knee will pull harder dorsiflexion heel, so the best knee and foot while pulling the roots, so that the muscle by pulling all can make feet flat, and promote its proper standing. 

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