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So exciting£¡After 50days , the boy could walk by himself!
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A few days ago, at Amyotrophy Department of Hebei Yiling Hospital, the reporter met that Hao X which a small patient with Du's muscular dystrophy, walked hundreds of meters independently in the ward corridor and lifted the mineral water bottle filled with water with ease. Speaking of how quickly his illness recovered, Xiao Hao was so happy that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. His father was also full of tears of excitement.

However, just six months ago, Xiao Hao was too weak to go to school on his father's back. The staff of Yiling Hospital told reporters that when he first arrived, Xiao Hao was carried into the ward because his muscles were extremely atrophic. After examination, the strength of his limbs is only a little more than the second level, even less than half of the normal people.

In 2018, Xiao Hao, who was in primary school, found that he had no energy to walk to school, and gradually developed to rely on his father to go to school on his back. In order to cure the child's illness, Xiao Hao's father took the child to quite a lot hospitals in Anhui, Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing for treatment. Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have been used, but they are ineffective. But their parents did not give up and asked about the treatment information everywhere, which brought the child to the Amyotrophy Department of Hebei Yiling Hospital for treatment. In view of her illness, Director Lu Chunling and other expert groups, after consultation, formulated a treatment plan based on traditional Chinese medicine. After 20 days of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, Xiao Hao could stand up. After one month of treatment, Xiao Hao has been able to walk with his father's support; after 50 days of treatment, Xiao Hao has been able to walk hundreds of meters independently in the ward corridor. 
So £¬is muscular dystrophy caused by malnutrition? What kind of disease is it? Lu Chunling told us that muscular dystrophy is a group of hereditary related muscular degeneration diseases, including pseudohypertrophy, limb band type, facial shoulder brachial type, distal type, ophthalmopharyngeal type, ankylosing muscular dystrophy and other types. The main manifestations are muscle atrophy and weakness of limbs, limited movement, increased myocardial enzymes, and myoelectrogram is a myopathy with myogenic damage. The distribution of various types of symptoms is different, but the main symptoms are muscle atrophy and weakness caused by muscle degeneration. Tonic muscular dystrophy is accompanied by muscular dystrophy besides muscle atrophy and weakness. 
For the genetic problems of concern, Lu Chunling said that muscular dystrophy belongs to genetic diseases. Pseudo-hypertrophic muscular dystrophy, including Du's and Baker's types, is an X-linked recessive genetic disease. Only boys suffer from the disease. Girls are likely to carry genes, and often do not suffer from the disease. Therefore, it is said that "men do not pass on to women". But not all types do not wear girls, limb band type, facial shoulder brachial type, ankylosis and so on are autosomal inheritance, and gender-independent, girls may be ill, we can not generalize. In addition, patients with fertility requirements need to be more specific about the type and mode of inheritance in order to better genetic analysis, and even prenatal diagnosis, as far as possible to avoid the birth of sick offspring. 
For the mothers of Du's muscular dystrophy children, Lu Chunling suggested: "If you want to reproduce again, you need reasonable prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis for expectant mothers in early pregnancy to help give birth to healthy babies." Director Lu Chunling also reminded that Du's muscular dystrophy often manifested in patients with motor retardation, sitting, standing and walking later than ordinary children, often found after walking. Walking slowly, unstable gait, swaying left and right, like a "duck step", and easy to fall, squat can not quickly stand up, and so on. Therefore, when children with similar symptoms are found, it is best to be vigilant, timely medical diagnosis, do not think it is "calcium deficiency" and miss the opportunity for early treatment. 

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