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Like sisters , like living at home!--- A Transnational Doctor-patient Relationship with Argentine Beauty
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Times flies aways , and waits nobody ,little by little time slipped away, 10 years has passed unnoticed. Just read her letter, my heart is full of excitement,10 years ago, around Nursing Day ,I met Cecilia which such a beautiful woman from Argentina, just like yesterday .she came from aboard, got systermatic scleroderma ,as her duty nurse when the first time we met, then our story has began. So far as I am aware, she got systematic scleroderma relapsing multiple myositics for two years ,at beginning , red and swollen skin appeared on both hands,gradually developed into her symptoms of skin tightening and induration , myasthenia of limbs , arthralgia and joint ulcer. Progressive despite of treatments by doctors in many places in Argentina, not only has it not improved, but it is getting worse. Later, through Chinese friends, they heard about Hebei Yiling Hospital in China, is famous for its traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, so they came thousands of miles to seek treatment.

Facing her, woman that family is thousands of miles away, how much fear and uneasiness she will feel when she is in a foreign country and in a strange environment. Thinking of that, I am determined to give her the greatest support and help, but as a nurse, my English level is limited and experience is insufficient. Even I don't like English, but I decided to spare time to learn spoken English every day. Every night after learning English, I lie in bed thinking how to find a better way to communicate with her and make her feel like stay at her warm home. A few days later, my works pays off, she felt our concern and began to smile more and more.   

I keep in touch with her every day. When she doing examination items,  I always accompany her patiently. I communicate with her in English through Baidu - Translator. I solve the problems in the first time and make her cheerful. In the evening, I tried my best to learn English. After one month of nursing work and communication, I found that not only the English level has been greatly improved and applied flexibly, which has basically relieved the language barrier in our communication, but also deepen the affection between each other. Every conversation is so happy, she shared her family photos with me, so that I have a deep understanding about  their country's life, later, we became a good sister ,she chat with me without reserve, eventually we were reluctant to part with each other when she leave hospital.

We found that her heart is delicated, she is very interested in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in our department, but also very cooperative. By the time she was discharged from hospital, she had basically mastered a series of traditional Chinese medicine therapies and knowledge related to her illness, and could also name doctors and nurses of Kerry. She said, "Every time the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) packets combined, the nurse actively drew water, scrubbed my body like a family member, every movement, every detail was deeply imprinted on my mind."

She once said to her husband in a humorous way that Coca-Cola, a traditional Chinese medicine, drinks twice a day make me healthy. Originally, she compared the traditional Chinese medicine soup to Coca-Cola, and felt that they were similar in color and taste.

On one occasion, our head nurse patiently made her understand by drawing and explaining. Remind her to drink plenty of water and keep warm after taking the medicine bath. She raises her thumb.

In fact, since admission, she has been surprised by our warm and thoughtful service every day, because the nurses ' blindness has almost been "used" to during treatment in some large hospitals abroad.

In addition to warm-hearted service, she recognizes our exquisite technology. She said that "The nurses in Yiling Hospital work very carefully and intimately. Every day in Running, the director's ward rounds are meticulous, and the hospitalization here is like living at home." When talking about the course of treatment, she and her husband turned over the pictures stored in their laptop computer since came to the hospital to improve gradually after treatment. Photos, exclamation of the magical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. She thought it's really NO.1 here, Hebei Yiling, China. Yiling Hospital is the authority of scleroderma! When she was first admitted to hospital, director Guo Gang of the rheumatism Department of our department formulated for her the integrated treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, such as herbal soup, traditional Chinese medicine bath and external use of traditional Chinese medicine ointment. It is estimated that the symptoms will be improved in one month and recovered in two months. Sure enough, after one month, the whole body's skin became firm, pigmented and pigmented, and the degree of pigmentation loss was significantly reduced. Only 50 days later, the joint moved freely, the joint ulcer healed, the joint pain disappeared, the skin was soft as before, the skin color returned to normal, and the self-confidence of beautiful women returned. Less than two months have reached clinical recovery! It was a great surprise to all of them to receive such a magical effect. "Chinese medicine is amazing," she said happily and excitedly.

On the day of discharge, she held my hand and said excitedly, "I hope everything is all right after you back home!" She insisted on taking pictures with our nurses as a souvenir, which showed her great recognition and affirmation of our medical and nursing work. At the moment of leaving, she gave me a big hug! On his parting, her husband who had always been silent , also said a philosophical word passionately: ¡°The man who saved his life also saved the whole world.¡±

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