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Magical movements to relieve the repeated arms¡¯ pain and leg numbness!
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One day in May two years ago, Ms. Fan suddenly developed a strange symptom. She had intermittent numbness in her upper and lower limbs, especially in her calf symptoms. There were no cerebrovascular disease, hemiplegia, headache, or dizziness. The symptoms occurred about twenty or thirty times a day, and the duration of these varied, sometimes two or three minutes, and sometimes one minute. In addition, the symptoms were accompanied by pain.

   Fan was examined at a local hospital and diagnosed with optic neuromyelitis. After half a month in hospital, her symptoms did not improve significantly. Her upper and lower limbs were still as numb as before and tended to get worse.

On July 10, 2017, Ms. Fan came to Hebei Yiling hospital for consultation. After detailed examinations, experts from the Department I of Rheumatology and immunology of the hospital learned that in the past two years, Ms. fan had experienced two or three times of sudden blindness, which were alleviated to some extent through treatment. At present, her vision was only 0.1, and she can see the road clearly but still had some ambiguity. The most important was the intermittent numbness attack of upper and lower limbs, which was very uncomfortable.

Experts from rheumatology and Immunology Department I of Hebei Yiling hospital made a personalized treatment plan for her. After a month's treatment, Ms. fan had only two or three attacks a day, and the degree of pain was significantly reduced. The most obvious trouble of the lower limbs was gone, but the upper limbs were still numb.

Fubin Jiang, a director of the first rheumatic Immunology Department, said that optic neuromyelitis is an idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, which is mainly confined to the spinal cord and optic nerve. It is an autoimmune disease mediated by autoantibodies, with an incidence of 1/100,000 in Europe and the United States, and a relatively high incidence in Asia. If treatment is delayed or improperly treated, 80% of them will develop horizontal myelitis, leading to lifelong paralysis or death.

In order to reduce disease attack, relieve pain, prolong life and improve quality of life, rheumatology and Immunology experts of Hebei Yiling hospital summed up a set of "early systematic comprehensive foot therapy program through strengthening method" in the long-term diagnosis and treatment practice, to help many patients with optic neuritis get lasting stability and relief. According to reports, the early stage refers to the time when the disease has not occurred irreversibly and the standard intervention can be controlled; the foot treatment process refers to the sufficient dose and long course of treatment. Patients should not stop taking medication when their condition improves, otherwise it will relapse again. Each relapse of the disease will increase the difficulty of treatment, so it is necessary to adhere to the foot treatment process according to the condition, constitution, etc. Sequential refers to the dynamic adjustment of the diagnosis and treatment plan, that is, the implementation of the optimized and personalized dynamic diagnosis and treatment plan under the guiding principles of diagnosis and treatment. Regular strengthening means a comprehensive clinical evaluation of different diseases at different stages according to the severity of the disease, physical fitness and response to drugs, and then decide whether to strengthen the treatment.

Up to now, two years have passed. On the second anniversary of the visit, we learned that Ms. Fan's daily life is normal in all aspects, and the lingering strange disease of numbness in her arms and legs has not appeared for two years. As director Jiang said, it has achieved long-term stability without recurrence. Their whole family were very satisfied and admired the treatment technology of Yiling hospital.


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