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Thousands of miles looking for good medicine to get new life
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Recently, Professor Guo Gang, an expert in Rheumatism and Autoimmune Disease Department, was surprised when he received a delivery of silk banner in hospital rounds. Although there are too many silk banner received at ordinary times, they were delivered by patients or family members themselves. The delivery of silk banner is the first one. When he opened to see the content of the banner, he suddenly understood. Ms. Hu, was discharged from the hospital that situation appear before Guo's eyes.

Ms. Hu is a retired veteran cadre at the provincial level in Qinghai Province. In her first year of retire-life, she is not eyesight or deaf. In addition to her high blood pressure and fear of cold, she is fine in other aspects. She was diagnosed with this painful and lingering rheumatic immune disease in the winter of the previous year.

It is understood that in the winter of 2017, she had a series of symptoms such as skin redness, joint pain, etc., which was confirmed as systemic sclerosis in a provincial hospital in Qinghai. After a period of hospitalization, some of the symptoms improved, some of them worsened gradually, and the whole was not ideal. The quality of life is unspeakable and painful.

Just as she was sad and weeping, a friend of Ms. Hu's wife told her that Professor Guo Gang, a very authoritative rheumatism and Immunology expert in Hebei Province, could solve this symptom through the characteristic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. So far, many patients have recovered in this way. When  Ms. Hu heard the news,  she  searched "Hebei guogang" on  Baidu . The information searched out made her very happy. The screen was full of affirmation and gratitude of the beneficiary patients from all over the country to Professor Guo. Moreover, it was Tencent, Sina, Baidu, headlines and other heavyweight media. So accompanied by his wife, he traveled thousands of miles to find Professor Guo gang in Hebei.

Guo Gang, director of Rheumatism and Autoimmune Disease Department II of Yiling hospital, Hebei Province, has carried out a comprehensive and systematic biochemical examination and careful observation, and finally formed a set of individualized treatment plan of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Guo repeatedly stressed: on the one hand, she was treated with combination of Chinese and Western medicine for her physical diseases; on the other hand, she was actively guided in psychology to build up the confidence to overcome the disease. Confidence and good mood will greatly promote the drug treatment.

"I've been in hospital for a few days and I'm still confident. I'm anxious if I don't get better after a week. It's often said that it's not getting better. The medicine tube for her doesn't work. She's angry with the lover who accompanies her bed and resents the doctor who manages the bed. She's in a very bad mood. After the patient and careful psychological comfort of the doctor in charge of the bed, the whole patient still cooperated with the treatment. After more than 10 days, the physical condition improved significantly, and then the patient cooperated better. After one month, the symptoms basically disappeared, and the face was covered with a smile when the patient recovered clinically. " When talking about the treatment process, director Guo mentioned the episode of obvious changes in patients' mood before and after treatment.


At the time of discharge, Ms. Hu took director Guo Gang's hand to thank her continuously and praised her constantly. My wife was also very satisfied. She thanked me for saving my wife's life.  He added "During the period of hospitalization, all the medical staff in your department should do their best to give my wife the love and warmth of family members! In the process of hospitalization and nursing, director Guo Gang visited the ward in person, took good care of it and treated it meticulously. The head nurse Cui Jimin, the doctor in charge of the bed, the nurse in charge of the bed and so on, tested and observed every day, injected with infusion fluid and nursed attentively, with a kind and amiable attitude! Without their careful management, my wife would not be able to leave hospital so soon. We are very grateful to Professor Guo gang and all the medical staff in your department! "

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