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Despite the extraordinary period, the long lost smile of the scleroderma patient came back
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At present, she is in a very special period of anti epidemic, but when she learned that all the indicators of the reexamination results have improved, Ms. Lin, a scleroderma patient in Shijiazhuang City, has a long-term smile on her face.


Ms. Lin, 58, was diagnosed with scleroderma about a year ago. This frightened Ms. Lin, who was about to retire, "I can't believe that the diagnosis result is this incurable disease! I can't retire after working for most of my life! " Ms. Lin is extremely depressed. What's more, she has been diagnosed for a year, and has run several big hospitals without getting better, which has been aggravating and endangering her life. Her family said that she was joking and laughing, but she didn't laugh for a year since she got sick. Fortunately, Ms. Lin learned from her friends that Hebei Yiling hospital is well-known for its treatment of rheumatic and immune diseases in the country, so she hurriedly found Guo Gang, director of the rheumatic 2 Department of Yiling hospital.


Director Guo carefully inquired and made accurate judgment. She was treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Half a month later, she got better. She was suggested to be hospitalized for systematic treatment so as to reverse and recover. But at that time, Ms. Lin decided to stay in hospital for several days after the Spring Festival. A few days later, when the Spring Festival comes, it is a different scene. The outbreak in Hubei Province has spread rapidly in recent days, which has made the whole country in a state of tension. Her community has also begun to restrict the flow of people, encouraging her to stay at home for less than half a month. After repeated consideration, she feels that it is better to stay in hospital for a period of time without delay. Since I have come to Yiling hospital, I have great trust in the hospital's meticulous medical services and clean environment. I feel that there is no problem in disinfection and other aspects of the hospital. I believe that safety is guaranteed after contacting with rheumatology department. After wearing masks and daily necessities, we set out to receive systematic treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine by Guo Gang, director of Rheumatology Department II of the hospital.


More than 20 days later, the condition improved significantly and basically reached clinical cure and discharge. Ms. Lin was overjoyed. Ms. Lin took a long breath, and a happy smile appeared on her face. She excitedly held director Guo's hand and said thank you. He said: "We must believe that the epidemic can be controlled and scleroderma can be reversed. Come on ! Tomorrow must be better! "

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