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A letter to patients with myatrophic diseases of motor neuron disease£¬during International Day of rare diseases
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February 29th 2020 is the 13th International Day of rare diseases , this time activity theme ¡° We are the 300 Million, Never Rare¡±, around 300 million people around the world are affected by rare diseases. It can be seen that rare diseases are not rare and need attention and care from the whole world.

Amyotrophy Department of Hebei Yiling Hospital is the key specialty of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over the past twenty years, the department has applied TCM to treating various myatrophies and achieved preferable results. Especially for difficult myatrophic diseases of motor neuron disease, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis and syringomyelia, the department storms strongholds in defiance of difficulties, brings forth new ideas, and makes a breakthrough in traditional diagnosis and treatment with TCM on amyotrophy related diseases, and under the theoretic guidance of extra meridians and collateral vessels, creates a comparatively perfect therapy system characterized by traditional Chinese medicine. The department has become a reputed specialty for the treatment of myatrophic diseases throughout the country, and over the past twenty years, it has diagnosed and treated over one hundred thousand myatrophic patients both at home and abroad, some of which come from countries and regions like Russia, Japan, Pakistan, Egypt, Poland, Canada and Australia. The substantial diagnosis and treatment of these rare myatrophic diseases enables Yiling Hospital and its myatrophic treatment team to gain plentiful experience in treatment, and some patients of misdiagnoses and improper treatments sighed when they were admitted to the hospital, should they come earlier, much "unnecessary long way" could have been avoid. On the occasion of the 13th International Day of rare diseases, Yiling hospital is particularly noticeable.

In view of the progressive nature of motor neuron diseases and unsatisfactory efficacy of their traditional therapies, the department carried out continuously in-depth researches and clinical practices, found that the running course of the eight extra meridians was closely related to pathology of motor neuron diseases, and that the eight extra meridians governs other meridians and anterior horn neurons controls body motions,  the flowing and nourishing effects of the eight extra meridian and the coordination of trophic action of nerve and cytokine is closely related, and that the eight extra meridians is also closely related to muscle atrophy, muscular tension lesions, dyspnea and dysarthria and dyspnea such that proposed a unique theoretical system of "diagnose under the guidance of the eight extra meridians, differentiate symptoms combined with the five organs, treats from Sanjiao respectively", and adopted the general therapy principle of "regulating and reinforcing the eight extra meridians, shoring up energy and invigorating flaccid paralysis, nourishing and promoting tissue regeneration", and with modern molecular biology and latest research developments, successfully created Jiweiling and its series of preparations; with substantial clinical practices, innovatively developed a series of therapies of "oriented tissue regeneration, sacral canal treatment, and holistic therapy for dysarthria", which works very well in slowing disease progression, raising patients' life quality, alleviating patients' pain and prolonging life-span.

At present, it also coincides with the special time of global anti epidemic. Except for a few great retrogrades fighting in the front line of the epidemic, most people are at home. In fact, they are making efforts to win the epidemic. Of course, the feeling at this stage is relatively dull, which will have a slight impact on the human immune system. For most people, the problem is not big, but for patients with rare diseases such as motor neuron disease, special attention should be paid to avoid aggravation. For this reason, Li Jianjun, director of the muscular atrophy Department of Hebei Yiling hospital, reminded the majority of patients with muscular atrophy to pay attention to the following points at home:

1. Take medicine according to the doctor's order and keep the condition stable

The course of motor neuron disease is long and the current epidemic situation is severe. However, patients with motor neuron disease should not stop taking drugs at will, which may increase the risk of new pneumonia and may aggravate the disease. So, the medicine can't stop! In the current special period, we hope that the majority of patients with amyotrophy must follow the doctor's order to take medicine regularly and keep the condition as stable as possible.

2. In spring and winter, we should guard against cold and recurrence.

Muscular atrophy patients are weak in constitution, and most of them are susceptible to cold. During this epidemic, we must pay attention to isolate the source of infection, and do not contact people with cold symptoms, even the caregivers, if there is a cold, we should also change the personnel.

3. Pay attention to the details of life and help immune regulation.

The living houses of patients with muscular atrophy should be ventilated, sunny and fresh. At the same time, pay attention to avoid sleeping at the vent. Patients should try to use warm water, to maintain optimistic mood, pay attention to appropriate exercise, enhance resistance and immunity.

Of course, in this special period of anti epidemic, all people, including patients with muscular atrophy, should pay attention to the following details of life.

= 1 \* GB2 ¢Å Control "brain": protect optimism, balance diet, exercise, work and rest rules, avoid excessive fatigue, and enhance physique and immunity.

(2) Control ¡° nose ¡± :  wear the mask correctly. Keep the environment clean and ventilated.

(3) Control ¡°mouth ¡± : pay attention to the coughing etiquette; pay attention to the diet, especially do not eat wild animals; the food should be cooked thoroughly. Do not eat monosodium glutamate, spicy and salty food, do not eat or eat less raw phlegm food or hard to digest food, such as greasy food or rice cakes, Lantern Festival, etc.

(4) Keep ¡°hands¡±: wash hands frequently; wash hands after coughing or sneezing, avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with hands; avoid contacting patients with respiratory tract infection.

According to Director Li Jianjun, the damage caused by muscular atrophy to patients is great, and the disability rate is high, so we should pay attention to it. Because many patients do not want to see a doctor, blind delay leads to the aggravation of the disease, and the treatment is more and more difficult. Therefore, patients with amyotrophy should be treated as early as possible. In recent years, Yiling hospital has treated many patients with amyotrophy such as motor neuron disease.

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