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So touched! What is the reason why the myasthenia patients who have been discharged for more than 10 years that travelled thousands of miles to the hospital?
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That day , a tall, round faced, strong young man appeared in front of my eyes. Although I haven't seen him for more than 10 years, I still recognized him at a glance. After all, I treated him personally and got along with him for quite a while. Looking at this healthy, sunny and passionate strong man, although his appearance hasn't changed much, his spirit was quite different from more than ten years ago. One day in 2008, a male student from Jining, Shandong Province was admitted to the outpatient department. He was admitted to the Department for six months due to repeated weakness of limbs, aggravation of shortness of breath for two days. The patient first developed weakness of right hand, then developed weakness of left hand. One week later, limb weakness occurred. One month later, both upper limbs could not be lifted, both lower limbs could not walk, and it was difficult to stand. He was treated in other hospitals, but his symptoms did not improve significantly.

In the treatment of " Guillain Barre syndrome " with "gamma globulin and so on", the weakness of extremities was obviously reduced, but not completely recovered. One month later, the disease was aggravated again. In the treatment of "gamma globulin and so on", the weakness of extremities was relieved. Two weeks before admission, he had weakness of extremities and could not move at all. He was almost paralyzed in bed with shortness of breath, muscle atrophy and unstructured tone Unclear, no dysphagia, normal defecation. After admission, under the guidance of Li Jianjun, vice president and chief physician of muscular atrophy department, comprehensively analyze the condition of the patient and formulate the treatment plan of combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, mainly using the combination of traditional Chinese medicine Qijing therapy and the original traditional Chinese medicine preparation, decoction, etc. in our hospital, on the 6th day of admission, the patient can walk on their own, can hold things with both hands, the condition gradually improves, and the shortness of breath disappears. The patient was hospitalized for more than one month, du of active conditioning, the patient's extremities recovered well, and his life was able to take care of himself. When he was discharged from the hospital, director Li Jianjun formulated a long-term treatment plan for him. After returning home, he mainly took the characteristic traditional Chinese medicine of our hospital, brought the medicine back home and insisted that the patient's condition recovered completely after a period of time, not only did he finish college successfully, he also got married and had children.

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