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Research shows that ---Amyotrophic myasthenia is not always that terrible
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The alarm bell rang at dawn, and Mr. Kong, who had only been asleep for three hours, had to get up to meet the challenge of the new day. But at this time, Mr. Kong found that his hands did not have strength, and it was a little difficult to get dressed. After a week£¬the legs develop to weakness, there is always a soft feeling of stepping on cotton. He realized the seriousness of the problem and went to the hospital for examination. Finally, the diagnosis of muscle atrophy was confirmed by electromyography.


Mr. Kong, who is just 40 years old, is a programmer in a private enterprise in Shandong Province. Since he was diagnosed with muscular atrophy, he checked the relevant information on the Internet and knew that the disease was very difficult to treat and was depressed every day. Just as the whole family was sad, his wife's friend told him that a relative had just treated amyotrophic disease in HebeiYiling hospital. With this hope, the whole family rushed to Hebei for treatment.


Li Jianjun, director of the Department of muscular atrophy, said, "When he came to the hospital, his muscles were tight and his body was extremely weak. It was very difficult to stand up! We have formulated a treatment plan of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine for him. After half a month, his hands and limbs are obviously strong, and they can also maintain standing. After 30 days, he can walk independently with the help of crutches After 2 months of treatment, Mr. Kong could stand alone and walk freely.


In this regard, director Li said that after more than 20 years of research in the Department of muscular atrophy of HebeiYiling hospital, not all diseases related to muscular atrophy and myasthenia can not be treated. Therefore, we must try our best to determine whether the diagnosis can be treated, and patients should establish the confidence to overcome the disease, and actively cooperate with the scientific and accurate treatment of experts, which will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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