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A sad face in pain, finally had a happy smile
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Cheerful laughter came out from the ward. I didn't see him. I heard his voice first. When I entered the ward, I met Mr Hou that a 27 year old boy. " It's easy to walk now. It wasn't like two months ago. It was so painful that I couldn't walk. It was suffering. Now I feel like I'm reborn! The epidemic situation is all right, and there is no problem walking. I'm going to take my friends to visit mountains and waters in the second half of the year! "  The young man said with a smile while he walked, and his joy was beyond expression.

Recently, I saw the handsome boy who was benefited from the tiktok in Yiling hospital. It is understood that he is a programmer of a software company. He is a typical shift worker. Because of his work, he sat for a long time, resulting in lumbar disc herniation. In only two months, he developed from low back pain at the beginning to leg edema and inability to walk. Out of fear of surgery, Mr. Hou has been taking conservative treatment, but the symptoms are getting more and more serious, from the initial pain and numbness of the left lower limb to the more severe pain after long walking, long standing and long sitting, and finally walking lamely, which makes it difficult to live normally.

When he felt sad and desperate, Hou saw the short video of director Jun mao Gao of Hebei Yiling hospital. It felt a tiktok and renewed hope. He rushed to Yiling hospital. The director of II ward of the orthopedic ward, Jun mao Gao, examined him carefully and diagnosed the lumbar disc herniation with sciatica. The treatment plan of minimally invasive Foraminal endoscopy surgery was determined.

"After the operation, I felt no pain in my legs, the swelling disappeared, and I felt relaxed when I got out of bed. I'm very satisfied with the small trauma and quick recovery of the operation, and so is my girlfriend in bed, "Mr. Hou said.

For the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, director Gao pointed out that for patients with lumbar disc herniation whose conservative treatment effect is not ideal, their condition is repeated, or even gradually aggravated, and they are afraid of surgical operation, they can consider the use of minimally invasive Foraminal endoscopy surgery., which has the characteristics of small injury, small pain, quick effect, short hospitalization time, low operation cost etc, A large part of the patients who need surgery, especially the elderly patients, can not tolerate major surgical trauma, and can also use minimally invasive Foraminal endoscopy surgery.

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