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Fight with the disease for half - life, cry with joy when she find right doctor
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Ms. Ma, 47, but when she saw her own director Jiang Fubin of rheumatism Department of Yiling hospital, she was a little bit distrusted, and how it looked like more than 50. It was a persistent disease that was difficult to treat, psoriasis has been suffering from the disease for more than 30 years, and has been suffering from the economic pressure caused by the dual pressure of body and mind and the medical treatment for many years, so that she has been tired for many years, and looks several years older than the actual age.


It is understood that in 1990, the patients appeared two elbows and two legs scattered in rash, accompanied by pruritus and white scales. The patients did not care, and all kinds of skin medication were not ideal, even in recent years, they spread to the whole body white scale, which seriously affected the lives of patients, especially in recent two years, several provincial-level well-known hospitals have failed to achieve good results. The patient family was tired, and in despair, he learned that there was a way for Jiang director of rheumatism Department of Yiling hospital to treat the disease. In order to seek further treatment, muring came to rheumatism department. Director Jiang, after careful inquiry and observation in the outpatient department, confirmed that she had psoriasis, and customized a comprehensive individualized treatment scheme for her.


Ms. Ma was carefully diagnosed and treated by director Jiang according to the treatment plan, and the traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapies such as medicated bath, rubbing, etc. and oral Chinese medicine preparations were comprehensively applied, supplemented by some western medicine. It's getting better soon. After a week of treatment, the skin color was obviously improved, and after a month, the skin was basically smooth and clean as normal: the white powder disappeared, the itching disappeared, and the rashes distributed all over the body disappeared. At present, take medicine home for a period of consolidation treatment. When she was discharged from the hospital, Ms. Ma was very happy, and she shed tears excitedly

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