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Thousands of miles to find doctor, light the flame of hope
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Xiao Yue is a 5th grade student. Like most children, he goes to school happily every day and plays sports with his classmates after school. However, he suddenly falls down without warning, which changes his original happy time. That day, he was doing recess exercises. He fell uncontrollably, which scared the teachers and friends. When he saw that he stood up quickly, everyone's heart relaxed. In fact, Xiaoyue was also very afraid, because he felt that the fall was different from usual and completely out of control. So when they came home from school, they told their parents. At that time, the parents in law seemed to be careless. They only considered that the little boy was mischievous and active, and they took it as a fall caused by playing and not looking at his feet. However, it took a month for Xiaoyue to fall down several times, and the parents of Xiaoyue caught their attention. At the same time, they found that Xiaoyue had a flaky reddish rash on his face, so they took the child to a local provincial hospital for treatment.


After treatment in the local hospital, Xiaoyue's examination results showed that the muscle enzyme was high. With the development of the disease, Xiaoyue had mild weakness in both lower limbs, weakness in lifting both upper limbs, and skin rash on the face was gradually obvious. Myogenic abnormality was shown in the electromyography, and he was diagnosed as infantile dermatomyositis. Given a large amount of glucocorticoid treatment for one month, the muscle strength recovery was not obvious, and the weight increased by about 10kg. The parents in law saw that their son's symptoms not only did not reduce, but also suffered the side effects of glucocorticoid. They were very distressed. The atmosphere of the happy family became very dignified, and the smile on Xiaoyue's face became less and less. Poor parents all over the world. At this time, parents are most afraid of their children's suffering. Even if they work hard, they also want to do all they can to make their children healthy and happy.


But after several months of treatment, the condition is still not improved, let alone cured. "Even if it's a little bit better, we parents can rest assured!" Looking at his son's illness getting worse day by day, his parents in law were very anxious. If you want to transfer to another hospital, you don't know where you can cure it. If you want to go online, you want to ask your friends and relatives about the famous doctors and hospitals who treat dermatomyositis.


Just as the whole family was sad and anxious, a friend of Xiaoyue's mother told her that a relative had just treated this disease at Professor Guo Gang's Hospital in Yiling, Hebei Province. They went away with admiration and felt good after they came back. After listening to a friend's introduction, with this hope, the couple took their children thousands of miles to Hebei Province to find director Guo gang for treatment. On the day of coming to Hebei Yiling hospital, Professor Guo Gang, director of the second Department of Rheumatology, was visiting Xiaoyue's family. When he saw Xiaoyue's face and ears, he could clearly see light red rashes and erythema. The skin around him was rough. Director Guo also felt that he was very loving. "You two didn't pay enough attention to your children. A month earlier, the child would not be like this But don't worry too much. We have studied this rheumatic immune disease for more than 20 years. We still have a way to deal with the current state of our children. Hearing this, the parents in law felt sad and regretful. They could not help sighing. They pinned all their hopes on the expert in front of them.


At this time, Xiaoyue's limbs muscle weakness, both upper limbs unable to lift, both lower limbs unable to walk, upper limb muscle strength grade IV, both lower limbs grade IV, check CK (creatine muscle enzyme): 952u / L. According to Xiaoyue's situation, Professor Guo Gang formulated a treatment plan of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, gave full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the special preparation of myositis in Hebei Yiling hospital, traditional Chinese medicine decoction based on syndrome differentiation, electroacupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine smearing, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation and other comprehensive treatment, gradually reduced the glucocorticoid, and after about a month's treatment, Xiaoyue's muscle strength basically returned to normal The rash on his face and behind his ears basically disappeared. Xiaoyue's family were very satisfied.


On the day of discharge, Xiaoyue's mother excitedly held Professor Guo Gang's hand and said thank you again and again. Her eyes were filled with tears of gratitude: "it's really unfortunate. If you come to Yiling hospital a few days later, the consequences will be unimaginable. Thank God for letting us come to Yiling hospital at the critical time. Yiling hospital has given this happy family hope of rebirth £¡¡±

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