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Early diagnosis and treatment can delay the development of the disease and improve the quality of life
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It took him only three months to walk from wheelchair to wall

"I basically come to Yiling hospital for hospitalization every year, just like visiting relatives." Mr. Yang is just 32 years old, but he has 14 years of history of muscular dystrophy. At the beginning, it was misdiagnosed as myositis. Long term use of hormone treatment led to obesity, osteoporosis and other symptoms further aggravated, resulting in severe muscle atrophy and muscle weakness, especially when there was little strength in both legs. At ordinary times, they could only sit in a wheelchair, and they needed help when they went to the toilet, so they could not take care of themselves.

In 2018, Mr. Yang saw a lecture on rare genetic muscular diseases given by Lu Chunling, director of the first Department of muscular atrophy in Yiling Hospital of Hebei Province. He suspected that he was misdiagnosed and came to Shijiazhuang. After careful examination by director Lu and the medical staff of the first Department of muscular atrophy, he was diagnosed as limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B based on the results of myocardial enzyme spectrum, electromyography and gene testing, It belongs to a type of progressive muscular dystrophy.

According to Mr. Yang's specific condition, director Lu Chunling led the medical team to discuss and consult for many times, and formulated a targeted treatment plan of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine for him. After differentiating the syndrome types through TCM syndrome differentiation, he was given the decoction of Warming Yang and cultivating Du; Combined with the hospital preparations, wax therapy and physiotherapy, the comprehensive treatment was carried out. Gradually, the strength of Mr. Yang's limbs has recovered. After three months in hospital, Mr. Yang can walk slowly with the help of the wall. When he leaves hospital, he can walk on his own without a wheelchair. When he gets home, he can finish his daily cooking and going to the toilet by himself. His smile returns to Mr. Yang's face.

Early detection and early treatment delay the development of the disease

The main manifestation of progressive muscular dystrophy is muscular atrophy and weakness of the limbs. In the early stage, it is characterized by slow running, difficulty in jumping upstairs, easy falling down, and swinging walking, just like a "duck's step". Therefore, when similar symptoms appear, it is better to be alert and find a professional doctor in time for diagnosis. Don't miss the opportunity of early diagnosis and treatment because of "calcium deficiency", At present, there is no "radical cure" drug or method for muscular dystrophy, but early detection and early start of standardized treatment can make patients get better treatment effect. Therefore, director Lu Chunling stressed that once diagnosed as muscular dystrophy, it is necessary to carry out treatment as soon as possible, so that patients can receive the greatest benefits in the treatment.

In addition, muscular dystrophy patients will lose their walking ability due to joint contracture. Yiling hospital has developed a variety of characteristic therapies according to the different properties of patients' muscle contracture. For example, directional muscle growth method, hot wax therapy, sacral therapy, fumigation, physiotherapy, ultrasonic therapy, etc. through these targeted treatment, the contracture symptoms of patients can be effectively improved, and the limb activities become more flexible.

Muscular dystrophy is progressive, but as long as we adhere to the standard and continuous treatment, it can still delay the development of the disease and improve the quality of life. Therefore, director Lu Chunling pointed out that patients with muscular dystrophy and their families should maintain the confidence in treatment, adhere to the treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and pay attention to life care and conditioning, such as proper exercise to improve limb muscle activity, but not too tired.

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