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Professor Hu saving myasthenia gravis patients from crisis
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"Thank you, director Hu. Yiling hospital is super great ! Recently, in the myasthenia gravis ward of Yiling hospital in Hebei Province, an old man who is about to be discharged from hospital repeatedly thanks the medical staff.

Although the old man was so hale and hearty when he was discharged from hospital, when he first came here, he startled director Hu Junyong of myasthenia gravis department.

Hu said uncle Liu was in a critical condition when he first came to the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital with myasthenia crisis in the emergency department. At that time, uncle Liu had ptosis of eyelids, dysphagia, dyspnea, indwelling endotracheal intubation, ventilator assisted breathing, weak expectoration and weakness of the whole body. The expression is very painful, looks extremely weak, dying he belongs to the extremely high-risk state.

The patients did not have obvious inducement to the weakness of their lower limbs one year ago. They did not care because of the light symptoms. However, they gradually increased after a few weeks, and walked unsteadily, and did not alleviate after rest.

Uncle Liu looks so bad that it's very difficult to walk. At this time, uncle Liu and his family felt that this difficult disease was intractable and terrible. Just as the whole family of Mr. Liu was despairing and frustrated, he heard that the myasthenia gravis specialist of Yiling hospital in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province was very famous, so he left in November 2020 and came to Shijiazhuang city to look for the myasthenia gravis Department of Yiling hospital for help. When he came to the hospital, Mr. Liu was paralyzed and bedridden, listless, and in a state of extreme weakness, and he was very old, Accompanying children also only hope, because the disease is so bad!

After he was admitted to the hospital, uncle Liu followed the treatment plan, applied the characteristic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Du Meridian moxibustion, herbal fumigation and acupoint stimulation. At the same time, he took the traditional Chinese medicine preparation for the treatment of myasthenia gravis for careful diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the old man actively cooperated with the treatment with his unique revolutionary fighting spirit, and the disease soon improved. After 2 weeks of treatment, the patient's condition was obviously improved, including weakness of limbs, neck, dysphagia, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. More than a month later, uncle Liu '.

Experts pointed out that myasthenia gravis is a neuroimmune disease with ptosis, speech difficulty, dysphagia, neck and limb weakness as the main symptoms. Generally slow onset, can also be acute exacerbation, repeated attacks, treatment is difficult.

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