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Peripheral neuropath¡­
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Sarah, Russian
Sarah, Russian, got motor neuron disease. The patient mainly presented with the limb amyotrophy or weakness, accompanied by twitching of muscles. After 3 months of TCM therapy, the twitching of muscles was obviously relieved, limb strength was enhanced, and the patient was capable of leading an inde...[Detailed]
Novitskiy from Poland, got Guillain-Barre syndrome for 6 months, and the treatment in Poland and Taiwan was unsatisfactory. After 1 month of hospitalization in our hospital, the patient could walk just like common people without crutch while he could not do without it when admitt...[Detailed]
Rove, from Poland, got peripheral neuropathy for 6 years. The patient presented with weakness of limbs and inhibited walking, and couldn't carry out daily tasks on their own. After 3 months of treatment in the hospital, the patient could walk as common people and practice Tai Chi (or shadow boxi...[Detailed]
Nadya, from Irkutsk, Russia, presented with limb numbness and weakness for half a year. She was diagnosed by local doctor with Guillain-Barre syndrome, and needed a wheel chair though partially recovered after treatment yet unable to walk. After 4 weeks of treatment in the hospital, the patient was ...[Detailed]
Ruse, from Angola, has got Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease for 10 years. The patient presented with the weakness of lower limbs and inhibited walking. Having sticked to the TCM dose prepared by the hospital, the patient is currently stable, lower limb strength increases and recovers basic normal walking...[Detailed]
Ailikemujiang from Kazakhstan
Ailikemujiang from Kazakhstan, had been diagnosed with systemic scleroderma for 2 years, accompanied by acute interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, and the disease appeared progressive despite of treatments by doctors in many places, with coughing, expectoration, chest distress and shortness of breath, ...[Detailed]
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