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Hebei Yiling Hospital of Cardiology for Chinese national key clinical specialist, Hebei Province, the only Chinese national key clinical specialist cardiovascular unit, key discipline......+MORE
Clinical and experimental study of diabetes, Hebei Yiling hospital dedicated to diabetes and complications, and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.......+MORE
Hebei Yiling hospital specialist muscle atrophy is the focus of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine specialist, over the years the use of Chinese........+MORE
Many of the world difficult disease of Hebei Yiling hospital rheumatology department of Rheumatology at the, assume a number of national and provincial research projects......+MORE
Hebei Yiling Hospital of TCM under the guidance of the theory of the collateral disease, creatively put forward the network information into a product "new view of pathogenesis.......+MORE
Hebei Yiling hospital rehabilitation, rehabilitation medical institutions, is the provincial National Rehabilitation designated agencies, to build the modern rehabilitation training, Chinese......+MORE
Thousands of miles looking for good medicine to get new life
[ TIME:2020-1-19 ]
Recently, Professor Guo Gang, an expert in Rheumatism and Autoimmune Disease Department, was surprised when he
Magical movements to relieve the repeated arms¡¯ pain and leg numbness
[ TIME:2019-12-5 ]
Start weakness to strength , raising hope for the ¡°weakness¡±
[ TIME:2019-10-21 ]
¡° Uncle Xue is coMing , chop chop ,time for class! ¡° little girl¡¯s voice , later on , children with wheelchai
Like sisters , like living at home!
[ TIME:2019-9-16 ]
Times flies aways , and waits nobody ,little by little time slipped away, 10 years has passed unnoticed. Just
So exciting£¡After 50days , the boy could walk by himself!
[ TIME:2019-8-27 ]
A few days ago, at Amyotrophy Department of Hebei Yiling Hospital, the reporter met that Hao X which a small p
TCM Characteristic Therapy
[ TIME:2019-8-23 ]
Applying TCM ointment. It is used for scleroderma skin lesion. It might be prepared in two dosage forms of van
Sarah, Russian
Sarah, Russian, got motor neuron disease. The patient mainly presented with the limb amyot...
Novitskiy from Poland, got Guillain-Barre syndrome for 6 months, and the treatment in Pola...
Rove, from Poland, got peripheral neuropathy for 6 years. The patient presented with weakn...
Nadya, from Irkutsk, Russia, presented with limb numbness and weakness for half a year. Sh...
Ruse, from Angola, has got Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease for 10 years. The patient presented...
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