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Peripheral neuropath¡­
First, have a child with, put it in a can relieve stiffness or abnormal postural...

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Like sisters , like living at home!
  Times flies aways , and waits nobody ,little by little time slipped away, 10 years has passed unnoticed. Just read her letter, my heart is full of excitement,10 years ago, around Nursing Day ,I met Ce... [Detailed]
So exciting£¡After 50days , the boy could walk by himself!
  A few days ago, at Amyotrophy Department of Hebei Yiling Hospital, the reporter met that Hao X which a small patient with Du's muscular dystrophy, walked hundreds of meters independently in the wa... [Detailed]
TCM Characteristic Therapy
  Applying TCM ointment. It is used for scleroderma skin lesion. It might be prepared in two dosage forms of vanishing cream and cold cream according to dermatological symptoms of patients.... [Detailed]
Initiation of a series of effective TCM preparatio
  Xianling Huoluo Powder: It warms to dissipate the congealed cold, detoxifies and removes stasis. It is used for scleroderma diagnosed with cold coagulation and blood stasis, manifesting stiff, thick a... [Detailed]
Moxibustion at Huatuo Jiaji
  Arrange the prepared TCM cakes along the governing meridian from cervical vertebra to sacral vertebrae, and apply the pinched strip of moxa floss to the center of cakes, burn them for 30-40 minutes of... [Detailed]
Iontophoresis of TCM therapy
  Place at lumbosacral portion and gastrocnemius two pairs of electrode plates which have been dipped in medicine soup, and each treatment will last 20-30 minutes, which will promote blood flow and dred... [Detailed]
Ointment Cup Moving Therapy
  Apply the multi-grassy oil to the selected meridians, and practice cup moving for three to five times, and the meridian portion present with stagnation of the blood, which will clear the heat, promo... [Detailed]
Sacral hiatus therapy
  Inject certain medicine to sacral hiatus, twice a week and ten times make a treatment course. It reinforces the waist and the kidney, regulates and invigorates the meridians, promotes blood circulatio... [Detailed]
Non-fuming Moxibustion
  It selects treatment position by the eight extra meridians, combined with the conditions of patients. It raises the patient's immune function, enhances immunity, improves symptoms of myasthenia, a... [Detailed]
Wax Therapy
  Heat wax until it becomes liquid, and apply it to the diseasedportion.And it's physicaltherapy. It stops the pain, removes edema, diminishes inflammation, reduces muscular tension, and improves mu... [Detailed]
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