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Peripheral neuropath¡­
First, have a child with, put it in a can relieve stiffness or abnormal postural...

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Professor Hu saving myasthenia gravis patients from crisis
  "Thank you, director Hu. Yiling hospital is super great ! Recently, in the myasthenia gravis ward of Yiling hospital in Hebei Province, an old man who is about to be discharged from hospital repe... [Detailed]
Early diagnosis and treatment can delay the development of the disease and improve the quality of life
  "I basically come to Yiling hospital for hospitalization every year, just like visiting relatives." Mr. Yang is just 32 years old, but he has 14 years of history of muscular dystrophy. At th... [Detailed]
Thousands of miles to find doctor, light the flame of hope
  Xiao Yue is a 5th grade student. Like most children, he goes to school happily every day and plays sports with his classmates after school. However, he suddenly falls down without warning, which chang... [Detailed]
Good way to get rid of Rheumatism diseases and finally relieve all the pain
  When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, we can think of swollen and deformed joints, swelling and pain triggered by temperature changes, and the pain of lifelong medication. Recently, however, in the f... [Detailed]
Fight with the disease for half - life, cry with joy when she find right doctor
  Ms. Ma, 47, but when she saw her own director Jiang Fubin of rheumatism Department of Yiling hospital, she was a little bit distrusted, and how it looked like more than 50. It was a persistent disease... [Detailed]
A sad face in pain, finally had a happy smile
  Cheerful laughter came out from the ward. I didn't see him. I heard his voice first. When I entered the ward, I met Mr Hou that a 27 year old boy. " It's easy to walk now. It wasn't l... [Detailed]
Bloomed smile shows on scleroderma patient¡¯s face
  What is more beautiful than flowers in spring? In the eyes of our medical staff, the smile of patients after recovery is more like a spring flower than a spring flower."... [Detailed]
Research shows that ---Amyotrophic myasthenia is not always that terrible
So touched! What is the reason why the myasthenia patients who have been discharged for more than 10 years that travelled thousands of miles to the hospital?
A letter to patients with myatrophic diseases of motor neuron disease£¬during International Day of rare diseases
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